A comfortable, casual, convenient time and place of compassion and unconditional acceptance is what you or your loved-one will experience when working with me. I strive to provide a safe and nurturing place to heal. My canine co-therapist, Mack, is

Canine-Assisted Therapy

“Power of the Pooch!” …and “Power of the Poms”  Jack and Mack (and I) welcome you to learn more about “The Power of the Pooch!”      Jack and Mack are our two therapy dogs (certified CAT dogs).  Jack is


 YOUR Greatest Self-Improvement Resources Maybe you guessed it?  A Coach! You have finally found one of the greatest self-improvement resources to help you co-create your success plan!! The best of intentions alone won’t help us succeed in self-improvement. Change is a

Janus Moncur, LCSW, CCTP, CHAIS, CPC

Dissatisfied with something about your life? Have thoughts or issues that bother you? My canine co-partner, Mack, and I will provide guidance, tools, resources, and solutions to help you succeed in your journey to Happiness.


Rapid Resolution Therapy®, EMDR, Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy, Canine-Assisted Therapy, Pet Loss Bereavement, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Mood Disorders, Trauma Resolution,Compassion Fatigue
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My Canine Co-Therapist, Mack

Mack, a Pomeranian, is a Certified Canine-Assisted Therapy Dog and Certified National Crisis Response Canine. Together, we volunteer at the National Animal Assisted Crisis Response as a Certified Crisis Response Canine team.


"Janus was great, she helped me through so many things that I never thought I would ever talk to anyone about. She always listened, and did everything that she could to help me."

W. P.

"Janus has had a very powerful and effective impact on me. I felt validated when speaking to her about my past (trauma, history of therapy, and medical diagnoses.) She helped me in so many ways there are not words to express how greatful I am. She helped me to be able to let go of the stress, anxiety, and the emotional prison I was in through her techniques that I like to refer to her magic. She also helped to find specific resources to cope, learn about myself including my passion, and to assist me in the future."

M. H.

"I feel blessed to be able to work with Janus. She is the therapist that I prayed for."