As a Certified Virtual Assistant with The Coaches Console®, a web-based administrative and client management system, Anne Barton helps coaches and other soul-aligned service professionals jumpstart their business, providing everything they need RIGHT NOW to build a business foundation. Anne uses online technology and tools every day and is actively seeking and is connected to sources of new information and more efficient means for building a business online.

Beyond setting up the initial administrative systems any business owner needs – calendar, billing, forms and letters and a website, Anne also assists her clients with newsletters, article marketing, website upkeep, blogging and social media.

Anne is a native Californian, born and raised in Southern California and now living outside of San Francisco, where she is actively part of the village that is raising her two nieces – teenage Jr. Olympians in Water Polo.  They are a musical theater-loving family that also enjoys cooking vegetarian meals and baking together.

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