“Janus was great, she helped me through so many things that I never thought I would ever talk to anyone about. She always listened, and did everything that she could to help me.” – W. P. 

“Janus has had a very powerful and effective impact on me. I felt validated when speaking to her about my past (trauma, history of therapy, and medical diagnoses.) She helped me in so many ways there are not words to express how greatful I am. She helped me to be able to let go of the stress, anxiety, and the emotional prison I was in through her techniques that I like to refer to her magic. She also helped to find specific resources to cope, learn about myself including my passion, and to assist me in the future.” ~M. H.

“I feel blessed to be able to work with Janus. She is the therapist that I prayed for.” ~V. T. 

“Having had Janus, my experience was amazing. She allows me to work through my problems without telling me that ‘I’m wrong’ but rather just giving her input on what she thinks about a decision. Her office is always warm, welcoming, and comfortable; making it feel like a very safe space to talk about anything. She has given me more helpful advice, therapy, and insight in the three short weeks than any other therapist I’ve ever met. She is a wonderful person I am grateful for everyday I’ve been here and am also grateful to know other clients are able to experience the same with her.” – S.Y.


“Janus was the perfect match for me- really helped me deal with trauma through EMDR” – Z. T.


“I’d like to see Janus when I return to Florida. She and I had a great relationship and I want to become a client of hers when my wife, baby boy, and I relocate to Florida within the next 18 months.” – G. J.


“My biggest challenge prior to working with Janus was recognizing that I deserve good things to happen for me. Also accepting that it is ok to be angry about things that have happened in my life without feeling guilty about them. One of the best aspects of working with Janus is sharing my inner most thoughts with Janus is easier for me because I know that what I say is kept in the strictest confidence.” – K. F.


“I have been to a few treatment centers and I would just like to say that Janus has been the best therapist I have ever come across. Even though I have spent only a short (30 days) amount of time with her, I feel like she has helped me more than any counselor or treatment center ever has. She truly is a gift and I could tell she has a genuine interest in her field and wants to see the success of all her clients. Words cannot express what this woman is to this program!!!” – N. A.


“I have never experienced anything like this place everyone that works here just loved on me and truly honestly wanted me to be the best me I could be. I adored my therapist Janus!!!!”  – D. J.


“Since only one session with Janus I was able to accept a position in my field at a lower pay rate and be comfortable with it knowing that I am happy with what I do and not needing to put a price tag on my work yet instead just being happy about helping others.” – C.S.


“Janus is amazing, she has been very easy to talk to and empathetic to my issues/needs… Of my past Therapists and Counselors was the best ever.” – S.H.


“I would like to say thank you to Janus and her team. While working with her; she has offered the right blend of support, feedback, and learning. In a safe environment she facilitates meaningful dialogue on key issues confronting daily business life. Prior to finding Janus, I have always made excuse not to start my own business, I have learned through Janus from her passion of people, entrepreneurial spirit and success, as well as her amazing fearlessness that anything is do-able. I have made my “dead end tracks” into a locomotive reality… again, thank you Janus for the steam!  – J. B.


“Janus was very good to me… helped me when I had a problem and was very supportive.” –  M.C.


“Janus you are a great person…Love you Janus” – D. B.


“Janus is the best.” – W.


“Janus was very helpful during my time here” – R.K.


“Janus, and her team, were great” – A. S.


“I would thoroughly recommend a business coach such as Janus to anyone conquering the challenge of remaining effective in a any business environment.” – J.V.


“Janus is a very conscientious and creative coaching talent. She has been very helpful to me in my own development as a work life coach. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional coaching resource.” M. H.


“Janus is an excellent life coach! I would recommend Janus without reservation. Janus is currently working with me as a life coach and my career and my personal life are getting even better.” C. S.

“Janus is a superb coach who uses her excellent listening skills to quickly get to the heart of her client’s concerns. Her well organized structure and practice, and attention to confidentiality combine with her gentle nature to offer her clients great success in achieving their desired goals. Together, you and Janus will co-create your vision. I recommend Janus as an exceptional coach.” P.S.


“Janus is an excellent team player, whom is often looked upon as a leader. Janus has outstanding communication skills and can always be counted on to follow through with commitments. Janus will always go the extra mile to make sure her team succeeds.” K.B.


“I wanted to take a minute or two to say “Thank You” for all the encouragement I receive from you EVERY time we meet or talk.  The support and encouragement has helped me get on track– and then– to stay focused on my goal.  The beauty of working with you is your ability to “guide” me to see the right direction personally and professionally and it is always done with the utmost respect and compassion!”– B.C.


“Janus is extremely knowledgeable, personable, results oriented and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her. Please do not hesitate to contact me.”  A. S.


“Janus, my counselor was very helpful with all of my needs. I wish I could have met with her even more than once a week, but now that I’m at the end of my road here, I feel as though she gave me all the help I needed.”– D. L.


“Janus was my therapist and I thought that she was great and was involved very much so in my recovery and want to thank her for everything she has done for me.” – C.C.


“Janus is a very good therapist she has went above and beyond to help me with my recovery and also my family through family conference.” – L. B.


“Janus was always willing to listen and aid me in my recovery.” – J. B.


“Janus really helped me with some of my issues”  – M. B.


“I cannot say enough good things about how amazing Janus and her team are.”– M. A.


“Janus and her team are fantastic and I am so grateful to them!” – M. M.


“I did have my rough moments but I had greater times and my therapist Janus was awesome” – D. S.


“Janus M. from day one, was a great listener, in fact it had been my first therapist I had experienced. She allowed me to let all my feelings and traumas out and through it all she believed in me from day one. U ROCK JANUS” – C. R.




“Janus is a very giving individual who takes pride in helping others achieve their goals to be the best they can be. Great Results, High Integrity, Creative” J.P.


“Janus was an outstanding therapist and gave me the right tools in order for me to be successful in my new story and upcoming future.” – S. A.


“Janus is an awesome counselor and I found that I could really open up and talk to her and she was also very encouraging and supportive on behalf of my recovery.” – C. S.


“Janus was great, she helped me through so many things that I never thought I would ever talk to anyone about. She always listened, and did everything that she could to help me.” – W. P.


“Janus is amazing. Helped me with everything I needed. Definitely a memorable person.” – T. W.


“Janus was amazing she really helped me peel back the layers and get deep into some feelings. It has deff helped me with realizing what has been holding me back from staying sober and is gonna help me prevent relapsing.” – P. D.


“Janus you are the BEST!!! Thank you for aiming me in the right direction!!! :)”   – D. K.


“Janus definitely helped me identify some things and helped me in so many ways” – N. G.


“I’ve had the privilege of working on projects with Janus and found her industry knowledge, business acumen and intense work ethic to be second-to-none. This skill-set along with her CRM ability was an asset in several instances. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Janus again and would gladly recommend her to any organization thinking of utilizing her skills.” D.H.


“Janus is a detailed oriented, dedicated professional who is always available and responsive to the needs of her clients, co-workers and business partners.” S. S.


“I have always found Janus easy to work with and someone you can count on. I believe she has been successful largely because of her pleasant and professional approach to projects and issues. I would recommend her to anyone looking for these skills.” S.T.

“I had worked with Janus in the past for about 1 year. She was always fair but demanded the best from her employees. She was very quick to point out when someone was going above and beyond her expectations and made it known throughout the company. Janus is a great communicator as well as trainer.” J. S.

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