Welcome to My World of LovePetz!

“Mack is more recognized and loved than I am, particularly by my younger clients.  And that suits me fine.  I relish the role of ‘Mack’s Mom’ or ‘the Dog Lady’.” The world of animals and humans, and the bond that connects and heals, is amazing and wonderful. It can be fascinating and educational when we […]

Jack Splat – Don’t Let “Others” Stop Your Dreams!

I was talking to a therapist about dogs about a month ago.  We had just met to discuss working together to help one of her clients who is afraid of dogs.  During our exchange of personal dog stories, I told her about Jack and Mack and their funny relationship.

Stuck? Remember Secretariat and Get Up on Your Feet!

I know most folks try to get out of jury-duty.  I wanted to.  It is a hassle – cuts into your schedule – and the fifteen dollars doesn’t begin to cover the lost wages and gas…BUT it is the duty of qualified American Citizens… so I went.  Who knew that I would get to spend […]

Getting Unstuck from the Guck

We all go through times of …challenges.  We feel as if we are becoming stuck in the guck… You know – those times that seem overwhelming – like you are losing control or losing your mind.  Trying to keep moving forward with your daily life as all the things you should or need to do […]

Don’t Just Make Another Resolution: Make a Commitment – to Yourself!

Each New Year – we all feel goaded into making resolutions which we tend to promptly break.  To me, resolve rhymes with dissolve – and that seems to be what happens to these great intentions.  It doesn’t mean we are weak or inadequate.  It may mean we are not really committed to the outcome we […]

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