If you have Issues that are keeping you Stuck, and and you want to work through it with a gentle, empathetic therapist, then you are looking at the right person to help you heal.

If you are curious about Life Coaching, particularly Success Coaching, and What it Can Do for YOU then you are in the right place!!

If you want to learn how to improve  Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution, we will do that together.

If you want  to Break Bad Habits and Adopt Good Habits and Create Your OWN Surefire Success Plan then you are looking at the Right Coach!

I am Janus Moncur, LCSW, MS, CHAIS, CPC  – with my co-partner, Mack, we help you resolve and integrate the issues that create fear and overwhelm to help you heal and move forward to make the right changes so you are able to create the life you desire!   We help people overcome Personal and Professional challenges.

As your therapist, I am here to help you overcome the barriers and issues that keep you stuck or self-sabotaging.   As your coach, I am here to provide tools, resources, solutions, and systems as well as the most important assets -support and  accountability.  Whether you want to make a personal change or career change, want to excel in the career you already have or are considering starting your own business, I can help you succeed in your journey.

Not sure what you really want to do with your life? I can help with that as well. Just think of me as your Trail Guide and Success Side-Kick!

Working together we will help you:

  • break through the Overwhelm of Information and provide a sound foundation built on Common Sense Basics of Success
  • identify where you are now in your life
  • clarify where you want to go
  • decide what you need to do to help you get there
  • create your own personal trail map to obtain the success YOU desire
  • take Action by providing a multitude of examples and exercises to help you to do what you need to do
  • stop certain bad habits that may be impeding your success
  • develop better habits to enhance your personal development
  • bolster your tool kit by providing Success Tips throughout the journey
  • expand your awareness through brainstorming and idea generation
  • clear challenges and fears that may crop up along the way
  • gain confidence and courage
  • sustain your forward progress and commitment through support and accountability

In a Co-Creative Partnership, you discover:

  • your Self!
  • what your options are and how to decide what to do next
  • Success Systems you may use for anything!
  • the value of support and encouragement from me and others like me
  • resources to turn to whenever you want them

We are all the Entrepreneurs and CEOs of our own lives.  We are the ones responsible for our own Success and Happiness.  We tend to let our busy lives take over.  We let the needs and demands of everyone else dictate how we spend our time and what we do during our waking hours.  Well…Life is like a Trail Ride…You can take Control or be Taken for a Ride. You CAN create the life you desire.  You CAN create Success and Happiness.

Remember!  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!  

Having Support and Accountability makes ALL the Difference!

Here is your Journey to YOUR SuCCess! – Janus  Moncur, LCSW, MS, CPC, CHAIS

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