I met an amazing woman recently. Dana Gore is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Coach. Of course, she looks amazing but also, her story is inspiring. You would never know she had been seriously obese and food obsessed, among other things. Now she is beautiful, confident, and looks like she must work-out every day and live on celery and carrots. But she doesn’t. She eats well and works out only 3 days a week – she’s just smart about it. She shared her words of wisdom with me. She reframed her thoughts about food. Food is either useful or not. Simple. (BTW, Dana can be reached at fitness@bodyoffitness.com)

Now, addictions are really tough but when the addictive substance is something we must deal with or die – it makes it that much more difficult. For instance, an alcoholic can abstain from alcohol and a drug user can abstain from drugs – not saying it is easy – just saying the addict can live without their addictive substance. But Food Addictions/Issues are not avoidable. A person who is a compulsive eater or has some other foodie issue cannot just avoid food and go on with life. The issue is all very complicated and deep-seated in our minds. Having battled food issues myself – it is a power struggle in many ways. It is truly a mind-game with yourself and with others. But the good news is that it is conquerable.

Of course, this all got me thinking…

Aren’t our thoughts something like food addictions? We have to deal with thoughts – we can’t live without them. And don’t our Fear Fences and Paralyzing Plateaus feel much like facing the powerful gripping presence that tries to rule our actions? Even if we really want to do something – like pursue our dreams or try a new business idea or even just walk into a new place alone – we can be so controlled by our fears and negative thoughts that we forego the possible positives to alleviate the pressurized tension that the opportunity presented. We may even experience momentary relief and rationalize the relief reaction as a sign that the opportunity really wasn’t worth pursuing. But in reality, especially when the opportunity is in line with our own values and purpose – we eventually experience regret and maybe even self-disgust at being such a coward. A very vicious cycle of deteriorating self-esteem can result. Much like – in my opinion – what happens to people at the hands of a skilled abuser – we become our own abuser – self-destructive and less “In-power-meant.” We usually don’t even recognize it because it is subtle and takes awhile to work a noticeable destruction in our lives. Ever think,

“I remember when I used to be able to ________ and now I would not even consider it.”

Maybe it is time to take stock of what is going on in our heads:

  • Have we settled?
  • Have we allowed the pressures of conforming to being an adult or older or respectable made us meek?
  • Have we given up on our own wants and desires to take care of everyone else’s?
  • What has happened and how did we allow it?

The good news is you can take back your life in whatever area you desire. You can overcome your Fear Fences and Paralyzing Plateaus. You can overcome addictive self-destruction. Take it from the girl who would down 20 Chicken McNuggets, a Hot-fudge Ice Cream Cake and a huge Stromboli in a matter of minutes and proudly laugh about it (much to the horror of her boyfriend at the time). You can overcome whatever is messing with your head – even when it is you. Just remember Dana’s words of wisdom – is this useful or not?

So check your self thoughts – Is it time for an intervention?

See ya’ down the trail!


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Check your Self Thoughts. Is it Time for an Intervention?

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