We all go through times of …challenges.  We feel as if we are becoming stuck in the guck…

You know – those times that seem overwhelming – like you are losing control or losing your mind.  Trying to keep moving forward with your daily life as all the things you should or need to do multiply and “glom’ onto you.  Your heart seems to race just a bit faster and you feel yourself sweat.  You believe you should be able to handle all of this  (guck) but start to questions whether you really can.  You might picture the sludge build up in a car engine…or getting your boots sucked into the muck in a cow pasture.  (okay – not everyone can adequately picture that last one.  You had to be there)

Our challenges are not always negative.  Maybe your challenge is trying to get thorough something that you really want to do but it takes over so much of your life that you struggle to do it.  Maybe you are just becoming too overwhelmed with your home life or work life or school life  – or all over the above combined.  So many of us feel as if we can just be superman or superwoman and that our piddly little stressors really don’t amount to much.

“Look at all the other major crises going on in the world.  How can my gunk be that important.”

“It’s not like it is really life-threatening for goodness sake. ” (And that is debatable)

“Geez, I must really be a weakling if I have a hard time with this.”

“I certainly shouldn’t talk about this.  I don’t like to complain.”

“I would feel stupid talking about this to anyone.  It’s so minor and I don’t want to look incompetent.”

“What would people think if they knew I was having this challenge?”

Okay – first of all – I just want to “put out there” one of the greatest things I ever heard at a conference about success.  I can’t remember exactly who said it but I certainly remember his words.

“We have to stop worrying about what people are thinking about us when they aren’t even thinking about us.”

Just sayin’.    But I digress. More on that another time.

The point is that our little challenges can become crises.  A crisis -in layman’s terms – is a situation that happens that affects our daily functioning.  Could you see where our challenges might become so overwhelming as to lead to dysfunction?  Granted, everyone needs some stress but too much stress leads to all kinds of problems – health and otherwise –  as you know.

So when you start feeling overwhelmed, take care of yourself.  Write in your journal, talk to your confidante, talk to your dog, or consider talking to a professional.  It’s not stupid.  It’s  really  important – and smart!

WANT TO USE THIS PIECE IN YOUR EZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Janus  Moncur – The Co-Creative Coach(TM)- is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of Co-Creative Coaching, LLC. She works with individuals as well as groups to help define direction, conquer challenges, and navigate transitions on the ride toward re-creating one’s personal and professional success. For more information or a free sample consultation session, please feel free to connect with Janus at Janus@theCo-CreativeCoach.com.


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Getting Unstuck from the Guck

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