“Mack is more recognized and loved than I am, particularly by my younger clients.  And that suits me fine.  I relish the role of ‘Mack’s Mom’ or ‘the Dog Lady’.”

The world of animals and humans, and the bond that connects and heals, is amazing and wonderful. It can be fascinating and educational when we pay attention. Animal people get it.  Others? Not so much.

My journey has set me apart from my colleagues, largely due to my work with animals. I like to think it helps me see things differently – or, probably more likely, I have joy and unconditional love in my life every day,  so I get to have a constant stream of comedy, cuteness, and occasionally crazy chaos. And that allows me to stay grounded and grateful.

My intent is to bring you into this world by telling you many tales about many tails. Welcome to My World of LovePetz!

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Welcome to My World of LovePetz!
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