“Power of the Pooch!”
…and “Power of the Poms” 

Jack and Mack (and I) welcome you to learn more about “The Power of the Pooch!”      Jack and Mack are our two therapy dogs (certified CAT dogs).  Jack is a “Daddy’s Boy” and his journey led me to Mack.  Mack led us to Canine-Assisted Therapy.   Jack and Mack welcomed in a rescued Pomeranian puppy named Eli.  To our sorrow, Jack made sure “Daddy” was safe and well cared for and passed over the rainbow in his sleep.  Mack and I have since gone on to become a Certified National Crisis Response Canine Team.  Eli is in training.

 One of the most often asked questions I receive when we are out and about is…How does one go about learning more about becoming involved with doing canine-assisted therapy or  pet therapy?”  or  “How can my organization find out how we can benefit from having a canine-assisted therapy program?

  I always send folks here…

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Along our journey, I have had the wonderful opportunity to educate others on the therapeutic magic of Canine Assisted Therapy.  Here are two of my presentations for you to flip through.  There is a great deal of information included in the reference sections.

Mack is My Co-Therapist – Considerations for Animal-Assisted Therapy

Canines as Co-Therapists in the Healing Process from  Sexual Trauma

AND – one of my favorite mentors, Dr. Janet Courtney, gathered experts to publish “Touch ind Child Counseling and Play Therapy.  (My favorite chapter is Chapter 14: The Ethics of Touch with Canines as Co-Therapist with Children by Bonnie Martin and Janus Moncur)


Additional : References For Your Own Exploration 


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