YOUR Greatest Self-Improvement Resources

Maybe you guessed it?  A Coach!

You have finally found one of the greatest self-improvement resources to help you co-create your success plan!!

The best of intentions alone won’t help us succeed in self-improvement. Change is a process, not an event. Self-improvement is an on-going process as we change for the better. Most of us need help. And that’s okay. It is in our nature. Human beings needed each other to survive and prosper since the beginning of time. As we evolved we needed to find ways to improve ourselves to survive in a changing environment. Now our world is changing even more rapidly! We need to find the best self-improvement resources available…

See if you can relate…ever find yourself rushing home – full of inspiration and determination – ready to embark on the self-improvement necessary to succeed – bursting to tell your loved ones all about your new idea or epiphany – only to have your balloon immediately deflated by the lack of support you receive – or worse – nay-saying from those loved ones? Yes? Me, too. Or maybe you’ve been all pumped up by a motivational speaker – ready to conquer your fears and move on with your goals – only to have the courage and resolve fizzle away quickly – leaving you back almost where you started? OK, I’ve been there as well… But, WHY?

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works when there are two factors present: 1) The client is willing to grow, and 2) There is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Successful coaching clients know the value of sharing ideas with someone who understands them and is subjective enough to want a lot for them, yet objective enough not to be biased or self-serving. Talking about options with someone who can listen, is often enough to have it all become very clear.

Coaching works because of three unique features:
SYNERGY: Client and coach become a team, focusing on the client’s goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone.
STRUCTURE: With a coach, the client takes more actions, thinks bigger and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability the coach provides.

EXPERTISE: The coach knows how to help business people make better decisions, set the best goals, develop new skills for communicating and restructure their professional and personal lives for maximum productivity.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching creates an environment where there is freedom from judgment and freedom from expectations that the executive behave according to typical corporate mandates. In this environment it is safe to question, to appear vulnerable, to observe, to explore, experiment, to learn and change. That allows the executive to work with the coach to help…

…to reach high targets and quotas. Accomplishing this consistently requires a manager who also coaches a team to work together to reach extraordinary goals.
…for business planning, budgeting and goal-setting.
…to integrate business and personal life for balance.
…to prioritize actions and projects.
…for training, developing and managing staff.
…to turn around a difficult situation.
…to handle business or personal problems.

…to Explore and Learn different techniques such as Emotional, Business and Social Intelligences to optimize all parts of her life!

Coaching has been used by athletes, singers, actors, successful executives for years.

Invest in YOUR life!


If it is worth doing then take advantage of the greatest self-improvement resources around!

Invest in yourself and your life and Hire a Coach!

A Coach is your Co-Creative Collaborator and Partner.

A Coach listens to YOU and focuses on YOU.

A Coach is trained to pick up on the real meaning and feelings you voice.

A Coach draws on their own experiences to ask probing questions or give insight.

A Coach helps you uncover your own hidden knowledge or “Knowing.”

A Coach will coax you to move forward – not live in the past.

A Coach helps you define your true goals.

A Coach holds you accountable to what you say you want to accomplish.

A Coach may help you realize the goals you may be pursuing are not truly YOUR goals.

A Coach works off of YOUR agenda.

Maybe Coach Tom Landry, of the Football Hall of Fame, said it best, “A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don’t want to do, so you can be who you want to be.”

Coaching costs money! Of course! The old adage – “you get what you pay for,” and the fact that we tend to place less value on “free-bies” or “cheapies” is part of the reason that coaching has a price. What you much consider is the VALUE you receive. The fact remains that you are working with a professional that is “vested” in your success. It is an investment in your own life as well as the success that will allow you will provide for or inspire others. Times are tough – granted – but waiting for things to just get better is not a sure-fire way to succeed. We all need to take control and make things happen. And some coaches will work with you on fees or have you start with fewer sessions so at least you GET STARTED on the track toward your intentions.

Still unconvinced? I was as well – until I tried it for myself. But don’t take my word for it – look around at all the successful folks that use Coaches already. You know athletes, entertainers and top executives have been using Coaches for years. They have known the Greatest Self-Improvement Resources!

It may seem too much for “the average Joe” or “someone like me,” but that is the whole reason you need to take a look at hiring a Coach – assuming you aspire to being more than average. It is perfectly fine to be average. What is average for some is a milestone for someone else. But if you have a dream or maybe just a spark of something down deep that you really don’t want to let die but are hesitant or less than 100% confident in your ability to make it happen – then I urge you to consider a Coach.

So now you, too, know one of the greatest self-improvement resources available- your own personal coach! So here’s to your Success – however you make it happen. I wish you well and hope to see you use your potential and obtain the success as you desire AND deserve. You can do it. And I’ll be rooting for you!

Feel free to contact me via the coaching website at, LinkedIn, Facebook,  Janus Moncur, LCSW, CPC, CHAIS

We look forward to Co-Creating Your Success!